Monday, December 27, 2010

Ho, Ho, Ho-ley Crap this is a LOT OF STUFF!

Christmas has come and gone. All the holiday insanity quietly begins to die down and my burnt out brain starts to heal. I am left to paw through the pile of stuff that I have accumulated.

Since I cannot eat any cookies or cake because I have recently become gluten intolerant, and chocolate now gives me migraines, (Thank YOU Menopause!) my enjoyment of the holiday has become extremely limited. So gifts for riding are awesome.

1. From my sister, I received these great pink goggles that are actually only $19.95 Onion Goggles from Bed, Bath and Beyond! Since I cannot ride at this time, I can't really give a good review of these goggles. But I have to say, they fit my goofy face pretty well, so we shall see.

She also ordered an Icon Ladies Pink corset vest for me. But that is on back order and will be delivered in February. Again, I must wait.

BONUS GIFT - A Hello Kitty Buff from the UK! That seems pretty thin and flimsy, but might be good for summer riding.

2. Next from my brother and his wife, I got the entire Ride Like a Pro, Christmas Package! My BF and I watched the "Riding the Mean Streets" DVD first and it was mildly interesting. There were some very good tips for approaching and negotiating intersections, some attempts at cheesy humor, and referencing of other Ride Like a Pro DVDs. I am looking forward to watching the "Riding the Tail of the Dragon" because this DVD has some great points and great sequences of people going down (and not in a good way!) on the Tail of the Dragon. I am a fairly cautious rider and I have not ridden any really twisty and curvy roads. I crave information. I am hoping this DVD delivers.

3. My other sister gave me a Hello Kitty Backpack that is pretty pink and obnoxious. My BF highly approves of this backpack due to its very conspicuous nature. I have a black vinyl Hello Kitty backpack, but he feels this is much more eye catching.
They do say that a back pack does help spare you some injury in a crash so maybe I should to wear one whether I need it or not.

A pretty nice haul. Hope you all had a great holiday and enjoy a healthy and safe new year!

Friday, December 3, 2010

What do U want from SANTA!


So fellow Scooterists, have you compiled your little Scooter Related Christmas Lists to annoy your family members?

Are they all like:

"Where the heck am I gonna find this stuff?"


"Why can't you just be normal like the rest of the family and want a six-pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon and some beef jerky?"

What the heck, lets just go crazy here and see what come off the top of my head:

Okay - realistically it would be great to get:

1. A BV500 mid size windshield, because even tho it will crap up my scooters sexy lines, I am getting tired of being beat up by the wind.

2. Pink Goggles to be used with my new sparkly parade helmet.

3. An Element Bluetooth helmet.


1. Aprilia Mana 800 automatic motorcycle, because there is only one place to go when your ride a BV500 and that is MOH POWER! Tho it looks like a B-Buster or a Pelvis Cracker, I'd give it a tumble.

2. Straight up MAGICAL UNICORN STYLE! A Sol Helmet! Of course available only in the Philipines or Korea or Bu-fu Land. NOT HERE!

4. Dragon Lights of course.

Whew! this can wear a body out! I think I leave it with that. I don't want Santa to have s stroke.