Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gonna Rock on Thru to Electric Avenue...

Like ridin' a neon encrusted brick!

Who really needs a Tron Electric Motorcycle? Well I guess someone does, because Evolve Motorcycles is adding this neon brick with all the charm of a Nerelco shaver to it's line.

I don't know... it's kinda close...

At the Milan International Auto Show, Evolve reveled its new Tron Bike causing a buzz...

Apparently, this is a real bike and it can be ridden and it can be purchased for a hefty fee.
"The bike features 32-inch hubless wheels supporting a handcrafted fiberglass frame(that’s OLED tape providing the cool lighting effects) based on the gasoline model of the Tron bike manufactured by Parker Brothers Choppers last year (which, incidentally, also recently went electric). 

The Xenon features a 40,000 watt motor powered by a lithium ion battery, which propels the bike at 100 MPH over a 100 mile range."

I have seen videos of someone riding this thing around a parking lot and the body position ...
is a bit ... Awkward. 

In fact, it gets my, "Awkward Wesley Crusher Award of Awkwardness"!

I mean.. it is cool but...it looks like a pelvis cracker.

It gets 2 mehs.. on the meh scale.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The only way I will probably get a BMW scooter

It's funny, because it's true

Well, winter is slowly sneaking up on us here in Chicagoland and it is almost time for me to put the Blue Dragon up for the season. 

Sadly, the only thing I have to look forward too in the winter here, Is the big Motorcycle Swap meet in Tinley Park, and the Progressive International Motorcycle shows in February.

Of course both these shows take place in the same week and it is a long, cold and BORING wait until these shows appear in the most DREARY-EST 
time of the year.

But I LOVE these shows! The Motorcycle Swap Meet is a total leather-clad biker show with plenty of good deals, if you are looking for traditional biker gear and accessories. Lot's of Leath-tha!

The Progressive show is a great show too. With plenty of variety and lots of bikes, gear and accessories for sale. 

FYI - it pays to wear a backpack and a real comfortable pair of shoes when you attend these shows. Lots of walking, looking and swag so make sure you are unencumbered by heavy jackets or boots.

Here are some old photos from a few past shows while I wait...2...more ...months...sigh!

shiny shiny and PURPLE TOO! (shiver).

This was a cool little scooter at the Allstate booth.

Dang, if I ain't the LEAST photogenic gal out there! 
Okay, I will work on my "fierceness". 

Every motorcycle needs a little fairy.

Now why would you want to ride a Dragon Slayer bike when you can just ride the dragon?

You always gotta ride with your wee voodoo baby zombie doll.

How about a sweet little Milo scooter? Nice use of the brown.

V3 Automatic Motorcycle... only a 250cc, so barely worth it.  It was a bit uncomfortable for me.. but I might have popped for it, if it felt as sweet as a scooter.

For you, I make the Duck Face...mmm sexy...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dreams come true kids!

See, dreams can come true...with a lot of crying and whining.

I had previously posted of my lust for a certain bit of scooter gear, specifically the GOGO Gear Hologram jacket. But I never seemed to have the cash... 

So I subtly requested it in a variety of ways

and email content like the following:

I give this GOGO gear Hologram jacket  - 3 mehs out of 3!

and this...

All of this hysteria led to my BF finally breaking down and ordering one for my 50th birthday!!! 

Only to find the it was out of stock!


But my sister, Lizzie could not take no of an answer. She told my BF that this was UNACCEPTABLE and that he needed to contact GOGO gear directly. 

In a tag team of terror, my BF and sister joined forces and NAGGED GOGO gear president and owner Arlene, into personally digging up the elusive LAST size 8 Hologram Jacket! And it was delivered yesterday, with a personal note from Arlene!

All of which proves that crying and whining DOES WORK!!!

Yay for meh!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuscano Urban Lady Inuit Riding Jacket

Happy Birf-day to Meh!

As I wrote in a previous post, I received a new riding jacket from my BF for my 50th birthday. It arrived a few days ago and I finally had the chance to try it out, after Customs released it !!! (FYI- order something over $250.00 internationally and they want to KNOW about it and YOU!) 

It was just a matter of a few emails, a few faxes, and my jacket was released into the United States!

First off, looks = 10
I pinch myself because this jacket is a dream. Light and warm with plenty of buttons, zippers and length to keep any lady rider feeling safe, snug and dare I say it... a wee bit sexy?

Forgive me if I dork it up a bit, but I did this so you can see the actual length of the jacket....

really, that was the ONLY reason I did that..you believe me, right?

The jacket comes with shoulder and elbow armor that you have to put in..a zipper and buttons, and a snuggly snap-on hood. The collar zips all the way up under your jaw and buttons tightly to keep out the wind. So you don't seem to need a neck tube. And the POCKETS!! = AWESOME. Deep and wide and easy to get in and out of, with plenty of them.

The material is fairly light and flexible. All-in-all, it is light and warm and I love the length. The ONLY thing missing are those awesome wind cuffs that GOGO gear has in their jackets. Those things are awesome and I would encourage all riding jacket manufacturers to install them into their products.

This jacket is so well designed, bright and light you can wear it while shopping or just casually going out dog walking, movies etc.. Everyone seems to love the look, including me.

So a big thumbs up for the Tuscano Urbano Lady Inuit jacket all the way from the UK! Thanks BF, you ROCK! 

But please, can you leave my Hello Kitty neck tube alone?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Looking Good, being Safe

Toscano Urbano Modulo Airbag AB 8000

I found this while I was online, searching for a new riding jacket for myself for my B-day. My BF had tried to order me a Gogo Gear Hologram jacket (which we both LOVE) only to find it was out of stock and won't be available until spring! 

My BF was dissappointed and wanted this to be a big 50th B-day surprise for me... so he releuctantly informed me that I would have to make another selection.

Upon finding scooter-wear.com. I gave him a few jacket selection for fall and winter. He ended up ordering the Toscano Urbano Lady Inuit which looks AWESOME and I am pretty excited to get it. It has elbow and shoulder armor, and is not as snazzy as the Gogo gear, (which I know is a good quality product since I own a Gogo Gear Military Trench jacket and I recommend it HIGHLY) but we shall see... how the Toscano Urbano line fares under my diligent examination.

But during my search I found this: the Toscan Urban Modulo Airbag AB 8000

Like everyone else, I wonder, does something like this actually work? Does it actually offer some protection? Should I purchase one of these instead of a new armored jacket?

Others have also wondered the same thing:

At WindmeadowLabs.com, I found a very nice blog that could cover this subject much better than I ever could. Check it out, and make sure you scroll down watch the video and read some of the comments. Sounds like these jackets and vests may become a good accessory for 2-wheel riders.