Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm a-fwaid to ride...meh

Let's talk about "Fear"

Okay - Kinda annoyed by the reactions to a poster over on a scooter forum.

This poster has just purchased a scooter but is afraid to ride and is wondering if riding a scooter is actually for them.

Basically the poster saw people riding scooters somewhere, and decided to just go out and buy one, without even trying a MSF course first or anything.

Of course everyone at the forum is jumping on board to re-assure this "young" would-be rider. But, I have true reservations here.

I was never afraid to ride 2 wheels. It's true. Nervous and excited. But not afraid. So basically I was ignorant. So sue me.

I also never fell off my bike as a kid and thus, why would I fall off a PTW? Of course this is how my brain works.

Silly I know, but if you are scared and afraid to fall when you are just riding in circles in a parking lot, than maybe, riding a PTW is not for you.

As I have told my friends my thoughts about riding in traffic... you have to be afraid, to be "afraid".

Fear does you no good in heavy traffic. It can be paralyzing and cause you to freeze or make mistakes that could get you or others  injured.

And as for putting your foot down when you turn... don't. I don't even know why some people even start doing that. I have seen people do that again and again, and I don't get the logic of it. Why would you think you can just hang your foot down from a moving vehicle and not break your foot/ ankle or worse. Goofy.

Anyway, just call me an crabby rag I suppose. But I think some new riders need to suck it up and go out and just do it without all the constant re-assurance. Because you won't get that on the road, fer realz my friends.

Other drivers will NOT be thinking: "Oh look, a gal on a scooter! Let's give her some space and just take it easy around her."

Because honey, riding a PTW in traffic is fun, but it can be deadly serious. And if you just want fun, go roller skating at the roller rink.

If you want to expand your mind, hone your skills and risk your life (and I do mean risk your life) then you ride a scooter. 

And yes, riding PTW is not for everyone. Just like flying a plane, scuba diving, or parachuting or alligator wrestling is not for everyone.

It's your life, it's your choice. Because when you ride, it you, and the road and no amount of handholding and cheerleading is going to help you. It's all about you now. Nothing else.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

AAAAArrrrrrrrggggghhhhhh! WIND!

Even the "Stunt Queen of Naperville" cannot deal with this crappy weather.

The weather here is killing me. After having a great early spring, with a couple weeks of great riding weather, we have now segued into our normal, wet and windy Chicago spring.

This means plenty of threatening clouds and WIND.

For those of you in balmier climes, how I envy you.

The other day I rode home from work and I was just buffeted and shoved the entire way. Honestly people, Scootering is a battlefield.

I arrived home, cold and exhausted. I wanted only to take a hot bath and go to bed. But it was POTLUCK night and my friends were already at my house, waiting for dinner.

ARGH! Anyway, the best thing you can do when riding in the wind, is maintain your grip, but stay loose and relaxed and KNOW that the wind is going to push you around. It WILL move you so just let it happen. Don't panic, just deal with it.

Also, do not go out in the wind if you cannot flat foot your scooter. It can knock you over while you are waiting at a stoplight. So please, take care people.

You know the wind is bad when it grabs your full face helmet and tries twist if off your head, like the twist cap on a bottle of soda. NOT REFRESHING!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Teaching friends to ride...Part 2

Okay- So far so good for Mike. We have gone from practicing in parking lots to riding down suburban streets and roads. Mike has kept up with me pretty well.

(You can say one thing about the back of a ain't sexy!)

We have gone to our local DMV (which is super close to us) and he has now tried practicing on the motorcycle licensing obstacle course.

In addition to that,  Chelsea is now riding behind him! 
Yep he is riding two up already, well in a parking lot.

I don't mind telling you. He is pretty steady. It took me 3 years before I would let someone ride behind me. With Mike, it took 3 weeks. I guess it is a guy thing. They want their ladies with them when they roll. 

Right now, I am keeping them riding two up - only in a parking lot. Even tho Mike is buying this bike from my BF, we are keeping it in our garage as he makes the payments. This allows us to monitor him and make sure he doesn't try anything alone. 

We are still looking for a small scooter for Chelsea. Deals come and go on Craigs list, but nothing worthwhile as of yet. We also need to get her a proper armored jacket, boots and gloves. 

Scooter Fashion Show or How to Properly Pose with a Scooter

Everything I know about posing I learned from Ru Paul.
(Jacket - Harley Davidson, Dansko Clog Shoes, BMW custom painted helmet)

Action shots are always good.
(Jacket - Tucano Urban Lady Inuit, Size 8, Scorpion Exo 400 Helmet)

It helps if you channel your inner drag queen.
(Jacket - Gogo Gear Hologram, size 8)

This one makes my sister call me a "tool". 
(Jacket - Harley Davidson)

Action shot - showing emotion is important

(Cheap fairy costume purchased from cheap costume store - Harley Davidson Ladies Boots)

"Serious Ninja Look", 
Well as serious as a ninja can look with a cheap pink helmet purchased on Fleabay
(Jacket - Gogo Gear Trench, Harley Davidson Boots)