Friday, February 17, 2012

Should you hand paint a Scooter?


if you have the ability, or, if you have something to say...

Someone on MV recently posted a question? 

Can I paint my Vespa?

Being an artist, of course I said "YES!"

I love the DIY aspect of it and I appreciate anything "hand-crafted". 

For some excellent examples of painted scooter - Check out

Also check out:

 This lovely little blue beauty was found on

What I have learned about "scooter painting" has been that results may vary depending on your ability, your paint and your patience.

You have to really prepare scooter for paint and that means sanding and sanding and sanding and if necessary, patching.

It doesn't take much ability to sand down a scooter and prep for paint. You just have to sand down the existing paint until you have a smooth, glass-like surface. Then you are ready to prime. Oh yeah, you prime in layers too. So sand and prime and sand and prime until.. Glass-like finish. THEN you can paint. In DUST-FREE Layers please!

But as I said, "Results may VARY... (see below)

This one was done as a joke and was eventually painted matte black after a few weeks. But it goes to show, having a streak of wicked humor might be necessary if you are going to attempt this.