Wednesday, January 12, 2011

When is a noob, no longer a noob???

That I have not been blogging as of late. Well this is because this is our super busy season at work and it is WINTER and I cannot RIDE!

So I have been hanging on for the International Motorcycle Show or just ANYTHING TO SHOW UP and JUMP START my saggy little slush soggy brain.

Since nothing seems to be happening, I decided to draw upon past experiences and tell a few tales when I was a noob.

Now, a good question is... when is a noob, no longer a noob? Is is miles traveled vs. years of experience? Do you have to at least dropped your scooter 2.5 times or is it when you actually ride the Dragons Tail? I am not sure.

I don't really know for sure. I know I feel much more knowledgeable this year than last year. So many things have happened while riding that have increased my knowledge base. I think that is a polite way to put it. The other way is that, I am learning NOT to be a DUM-A$$ when I ride.

Not to mention information gleaned from the internet and various forums. This really helps. Even the accident reports, which I HATE, are also valuable to any rider. They help us refocus on what is IMPORTANT when we ride, which should always be SAFETY FIRST!

I think I will post this question on Modern Vespa and see what results.

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