Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ride Forest! Ride! - Larry Crowne Movie

Tom Hanks + a Yamaha Riva = Nerd Alert!

My sister in California told me about a casting call in LA looking for scooter riders for Tom Hanks new movie, "Larry Crowne". This is Tom Hanks 2nd time directing a movie. His first being one of my favorites, "That Thing You Do", which is EXCELLENT!

I have been waiting for this movie to come out and looking for photos on the internet but not too much is available. Tho these photos are a stitch!

But why he picked this POS-looking scooter is beyond me. I guess it is a Yamaha Riva? A decent scooter from the 1980's...CLEARLY! That styling, that metallic light blue... OY!

Julia better not ride without a full face helmet. She's gonna get bugs in those beautiful teefs! But now that I look at that photo again, I don't think anyone is looking at her smile.

For more information on the Yamaha Riva, click on this link.
I think quite a few scooterists are looking forward to seeing this movie, but we are afraid of being treated as a joke and not serious riders. I hope the movie does not have Tom picking out a scooter and riding off, sans license or tests. But I am sure those details will be overlooked. It is a movie, after all.

It might be nice for local scooter clubs and dealers to make a presence at the movie premier. I know I will be riding my scooter to the theater.

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