Monday, April 11, 2011

Sharing the Road

Hello Mr. Crotch Rocket D-Bag.

I am soooo happy you blew by me on the highway the other day. I was equally impressed that you were going about 95 mph and felt the need to lane split between the two cars in front of me.

Glad you are so super cool on your hot bike, but did you give a thought to how your d-baggery may affect those who actually share the road with you?

I know, you don't think about us, or anyone else for that matter. Because 99 % of your brain functions are taken up with your total perceived awesomeness. Notice I wrote, "perceived"... not actual.

Because any reasonable person might have realized that blowing by me and through the two cars in front of me, that this type of stunt might cause one of the drivers to react to you sudden appearance and possibly loose control of their car. Possibly veering into the car next to them or even hitting their brakes and nearly crashing into me. I mean it is not like lane splitting is legal here, nor is it common place.

But hey, you are so totally correct to ride how ever you want to ride. I mean, your Ninja HAS to ridden like a rocket. It's a requirement that you go about 30 miles OVER the speed limit through heavy traffic just because you think you should.

Ordinary rules of the road don't apply to you. As long as you get to where ever it is that you are going, that takes precedent.

Maybe you didn't cause an accident today, but I am pretty sure a serious one is in your near future. I just hope I won't be around for it. Your parents and friends may cry, and you may seriously injure, maim or kill and innocent person.

So I hope you think about this, and you get a little maturity and SLOW D-O-W-N. Life is too precious to waste it stunting and speeding.


  1. He really isn't riding a Ninja crotch rocket it is actually a Ninja' DONOR CYCLE' because if he keeps riding like this he is going to be a temporary citizen of this world and it is 'when' not 'if' he crashes and hurts or kills himself or someone else. He might as well start planning his funeral now and get some extra insurance coverage for when he gets his ass sued off for damages that he caused in injuries to someone innocent. Part of motorcycle riding licensing should be touring a brain and spinal cord injury unit and then maybe Mr. Douchebag crotch rider would think twice before driving badly and speeding.