Friday, July 29, 2011

Riding in the Rain

We trailered the bikes up to the Wisconsin Dells where it rained on and off for a few days.

A couple times we got caught riding in the rain. This, according to my BF is TERRIBLE!!!

Honestly, he says that riding in the rain has the same safety level as base jumping, parkour, or not flossing daily. He tells me that I am acting IRRESPONSIBLY when I want to go riding in POSSIBLY rainy weather.

It's not like I am promoting sex with out condoms here... I am talking about taking a ride on a cloudy day.

Well, maybe it was because I was riding a scooter and not a bike, but it wasn't all that bad to me. We went slow. It was a bit scary, but I kept it loose and took it easy. The rain did get very cold and stingy, but I knew that we were going be back at the resort soon, so I stayed focused and just enjoyed the challenge.

Result of this experience: I will go out on a limb and say that I think scooters are better than motorcycles when in the rain.

First, the your legs can be tucked behind your front faring, instead of hanging out getting hit with rain, mud and dirt.

Second, the windshield plus the helmet really helps with keeping your vision relatively clear.

My BF rides a street bike, with no windshield or faring. Zero protection. But he refused to get a windshield or a larger bike with faring. He doesn't like the look.

Well I don't like the look of the windshield on my scooter, but when it comes to double protection + comfort, I will happily nerd up my bike.

So, I have ridden in the rain at least 2 times now and, while cautious, I am not afraid. I know that if it gets really terrible, I will just pull over and wait for the weather to clear. And waiting sometimes is part of the journey.


  1. Bel, my first commute ever was on a rented Vespa in the rain.

    The thing I find interesting is that with the right gear you stay as dry as in your car.

    I ride more slowly in the rain and keep an eagle eye out for painted lines, mud on the road and steel construction plates. Otherwise, traction is not as bad as people think, and as long as your speed is reduced the risk should be about the same.

  2. I ride in the rain a lot living on the West Coast. Gear up and drive a little slower and be more paranoid about visibility. When it's raining I usually wear a hi viz traffic vest. It's all about the gear in the rain, if you feel cold & wet you can't concentrate. Tell the BF it's not as bad as base jumping - bungy jumping maybe........