Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Strangers in the night...

I don't normally stalk bikers, but I will make an exception for you.

There is a million stories in the nekkid city. This is just one of them.

Some days, there can be a lot of motorcycle riders on my commute. Usually they are going in the other direction, or I follow one or two for a few miles before they get the "scooter heebies" and go roaring off.

But this is one motorcycle encounter I had the other day.

After a long day of graphic design work, jumped on my trusty scooter and took off on my 30 mile commute home. After few turns down the road, found myself directly behind a "dude" on his motorcycle.

Old-style chopper, big, no safety gear etc. Obviously he was going in the same direction as me because I ended up right behind him for at least 75% of my commute.

I knew he saw me but he couldn't figure out what I was. Trying to be polite, I stayed out of his way but had to come up right behind him at various stop lights.

Finally, we reached a stoplight and I pulled up next to him and flipped up my visor.

"I'm not stalking you!" I yelled as he looked at me with a "huh??" expression.

So I tried again, "I am not stalking you or trying to ride with you. You are just riding the same way as my commute!" I yelled again.

"Oh yeah!" he smiled and nodded. "I saw you back there following me, but I didn't mind it because you looked cute."

I laughed and motioned at my throttle. "Wanna race?"

He laughed and the light turned and I turned right and he went straight and I have never seen him again. I wish him good luck.

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