Sunday, December 11, 2011

A scooter is NOT a bike

Scooting around Athens By Jim McGown December 8, 2011

To the person who thinks riding a 50cc scooter is the perfect transportation answer to avoiding getting a real motorcycle license and paying for real insurance.


I have read news story after news story by some reporter who decided that riding a 50cc scooter was the perfect way to avoid high gas prices, traffic and parking, without making any effort at obtaining proper training/ licensing and insurance. 

Ha-laity immediately ensues, and then they crash. Usually during their first ride. Oh ha ha, sooo clever. Scooters are dangerous. Everyone back to their cars!

Please act like a real reporter and actually do a little digging and a little research. Talk to the DMV to find out why you should take a MSF Course for any cc scooter.

DON'T take your friends word for it... DO the DU-DILIGENCE and get some qualified information.

Here is the skinny for anyone who is interesting in purchasing and riding a scooter:

1. Scooters are not "bikes" They are motorized  two-wheel vehicles that ride on the road much like a 4-wheeled car or a motorcycle. Therefore you need to know and follow the rules of the road and the laws in your state for operating 2 wheel vehicles.

2. Scooters are not "motorized bikes". You do not steer, or handle them like you are riding a 'bike". 

3. A scooter requires training, licensing and insurance, just like any other vehicle.

4. Yes, protective helmets and gear are a requirement, since you will be moving in traffic going at LEAST 20 - 35 mph, even if you are riding a 50cc scooter.

People have died just falling in the shower ,(William Holden,(Sunset Boulevard, Picnic), Robert Culp (I-Spy), Dave Freeman, whose book "100 Things To Do Before You Die" inspired the recent film "The Bucket List", died after falling and hitting his head at his home and he was only 47!

So wear a helmet and the proper gear, like shoes or better yet, BOOTS... not Crocs, not Flip-flops not tennis shoes..real riding boots. And please get some real miles under your belt before you decide to ride in shorts and a t-shirt. No matter how hot it gets. 

5. Yes you will need insurance. Because if you fall or get hit, you WILL be injured unless you are made of rubber.

So please Mr or Ms Funny Reporter, if you really want to ride a scooter and write about it, be an adult and do some real investigation. Take it seriously, or get injured. And that, no matter how cleverly you write about it, is not funny.


  1. Amen Sista! training and ATGATT even on a 50cc scooter is what keeps you alive. Anything that gets you moving at the same speed as any other car should require training and a license. Scooters ARE motorcycles, they are just cuter and because they are cuter people think they are harmless. Anyone who rides without gear or in shorts & flipflops is tempting fate and at some point is going to be sliding across pavement and then they won't think their litte scooter is cute anymore.