Friday, December 9, 2011

Tokyo 2012 Motor Show E-Scooters

I am telling you, it don't get better than this my friends!
Check out these cool and new electric Scooter designs from the 2012 Tokyo Motor Show!

Yamaha Tokyo EV Miu - (Did I say Meow?) 

I am sure my pronunciation is way off but I really want it to be 


I think I am just loving the name too much:

Okay ... NEXT!

Honda Moto Compo


Okay - Anyone look at this and think either...toaster or stationary bike?
Can you fold this thing up? Pick it up and put it in your purse?

Come on Honda!

 Does anyone else look at this and see this:

It should sell great at Nascar Rallies and Tailgate parties.

Here is my comment on that little beauty:

Ya ain't fooling me designers, I can see most of these models are disturbingly close to personal mobility scooters. 

As the Baby Boomers age and grow even older. These smaller, electric scooters may be a way of getting around our growing Senior "Preserves", (55 and older communities).

This is a new Kymco E scooter and at least this looks "street-worthy".

This is also a Kymco.

This Suzuki model is looking pretty plastic! 
I can cruise around Wal-mark on this little number

Again, this at least looks street-worthy.

I give these models 2 green Mehs for E-ffort! 
Because I am sure I will be cruising around on one in my near future.

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