Friday, January 13, 2012

Do I love or hate this???

Every now and then, something comes along and totally screws with my head. 
The object responsible is this little beauty.

Being that it is WINTER here and I am totally bored out of my gourd, I found myself looking for the worlds ugliest motorcycle helmet. This was not as easy as you would think, because there is an ABUNDANCE of crazy ugly helmets out there. So designating the exact "ugliest" motorcycle helmet is quit a task.

We may have found a winner folks

After googling "Ugliest Motorcycle Helmet" this popped up. Why I don't know. It is very clever, well constructed and and very stylish. 

Taken from Daniel Don Chang's design website:

Luxy is an iconic woman’s motorcycle helmet used during commutes and casual motorcycle riding.

The concept is inspired by Sixties Mod Era and hairstyles to bring an iconic fashion style into current helmets. Since many riders are women, the distinct and unique look give it a competitive edge from existing helmets. It also inspires women to be proud and glamorous riders
.© Daniel Don Chang Design // All rights reserved "

Now, I love design. I am a designer by trade. Abet, not as clever as Mr. Chang. But I am totally perplexed by my feelings about this helmet. Do I love it? or do I hate it? I mean, what can you say about a helmet, inspired by a hair cut. I have heard of helmet hair, but this is crazy!

Before I can say "HATE IT!" I have to own up to the fact that I am a child of the 60's and the 70's and the clean mod look of this helmet is all up in my "Emma Peel, Avengers, Cat Woman" Mod-loving biz-ness.

But before I can say, "LOVE IT!" Look at this....

As a real scooter rider, the design is kinda pointless. There is little or no protection, no visor, but I am sure goggles would help.

But the entire reason for a helmet is to function as protection while I ride. Not to act as an accessory for riding the bus, shoe shopping or hanging out at the mall.

As if anyone is going to be looking at my damn eyelashes and lipstick, while bugs and road debris spatter up in mah super modely face.

But you know, I still kinda like it. Shoot, I'd pop for it if the price was right. It would make a great parade helmet. With some cool goggles of course.

And it is no-way as near as bad as another group of  "Designer" helmets.

 These are by Karl Largerfeld.

Your choice of jewel-encrusted space biotch look. 

Or a mink-covered furry deer tick magnet helmet???

Pssst, hey girl, you have a dead weasel on your head.

Actually, Brett's Hair Helmet from Flight of the Concords is better. 

Yep, much better.

Deal with it Karl!

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  1. I have to say they are all kind of fugly. The mod helmet is just not rocking it for me, first for lack of protection and it doesn't say badass scooterist to me. I think the demon ugly helmet is the FUGLIEST & next I would have to say the jeweled one because it looks like someone glued coffee beans on it so they could take it to go......