Monday, January 16, 2012

Looking for a "Sch-mooter"

I am making it my goal to try one of these.

As a lady scooter rider, I sometimes have to read between the lines when it comes to PTW reviews.

Most video reviews are from the perspective of some dude who has been riding motorcycles for years and has a great disdain for anything that may be trying for a wider market. Or he has "mad skills" and he wants to "push the outside of the envelope" when it comes to the machine's performance. Because of this, it is hard for me to find a review that I feel is applicable to me, and my needs and wants as a rider.

When I decided that I wanted to check out some of the newer automatic bikes, like the Honda DN-01. I had a hard time finding a review that wasn't casting a jaded eye on a product that may include me/women as a buyer. 

I lucked onto this review by Susan Carpenter  of the Los Angeles Times. It was so nice to see a lady rider, on a vehicle, giving her opinion of the product. Heck it was just nice to see a female on a bike, just so I could see how I might possibly fit or handle the same bike!

Based on the video review above, I am now going to check out a used Honda DN-01 in the area. I have to say, that the bike seemed to be scraping the ground on some of the turns, so it might not offer as much lean as other bikes. But I am now, much more motivated to check it out, based on the video review alone, that is fairly telling.

Funny that, if you show a woman riding and reviewing a vehicle, I am more likely to be interested in it. Hmmm....Perhaps those marketing the bike might show a wider group of consumers riding and reviewing the bike? Maybe people in the 40-50s? People who have difficulty shifting but still want the 2-wheel experience could give this particular bike a try? Or total noobs, both male and female could try it in a MSF course setting? Just a few ideas Honda.


  1. Actually I had to smile when I read this. I am a man of course but was surprised at how many negative scooter or automatic motorcycles reviews were out there. I also work in marketing and know that woman are buying more scooters and bikes than ever before. Scooters are also the only positive sales numbers in the 2 wheeled world right now. It's almost like Detroit in the 1970's..."We will continue to build like we have always done, the hell with the data that says otherwise." We all know how well that turned out.

  2. Bel - you were right it was a good review. I would definitely try one of these babies out and would consider buying one in the future. I am a Honda girl and they have me locked into their products. We have a 28 year old Honda V45 Magna running like its new. I have had 2 Honda motorcycles & love em. My only comment on he bike is it seems a little low, did she hit the foot pedal when she leaned in the corner, I heard a scrape sound. It also seems a little wide. It does remind me of a maxi scoot & think they would have been better to stick with foot pegs to keep it sleeker. The sad thing about this is because 'real bikers' hate automatics & think that a manual tranny is the only way to go. I think women are more accepting of new concepts because we are in reality trailblazers & like comfort & innovation. Cool is not what you ride, but how you ride it. Let me know when you try one & if you buy one, I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

    Robert you hit the nail on the head, can you enlighten others who aren't seeing the writing on the wall. In my riding class of 10, 6 were women and that is becoming the norm.