Sunday, March 25, 2012

The reason why I have not posted in a while...

Mama's got a new toy

If a BV 500 is an Arabian Stallion, than the MP3's are the Clydesdales.

Yeah, I have wanted one of these for quite a while now. And boy this scooter does NOT disappoint!

We picked up this used MP3 400 from a dealer in Michigan for a good price. And let me be the first to tell you scooter riders, riding this machine is like a dream.

Sure the front end is heavy and it takes a bit to get used to it, but once you do, I promise you super smooth sailing. And stability! My friends you have NO idea how stable and secure you will feel once you master this wee beast.

I only use the front wheel lock when it is parked because when you flat foot it on one of these babies, they don't budge. They make riding in traffic a dream.

Of course it is not as "flickable" as a two-wheeled scooter, but it has a charm of it's own. 

Rding two up is a dream. Especially during mounting. Gone is the worry of pitching over, since you just apply the front wheel lock and let your passenger hop on board. The two grips are positioned perfectly for passengers and you WILL need them, since the seat is a wee bit slippery. Any quick stops may cause a passenger to slid forward, so make sure they grab those grips.  

Other than that, the ride two-up is the most stable and secure that I have ever experienced.

What can I say, this wee beast can give my BV 500 Blue Dragon a "run-for-the-money".

Now all I have to do is restrain myself from crapping it up with a crazy paint job.


  1. Awesome! You need to find something that is fiercer than a dragon & go with it! Great looking scoot.!

  2. haha - I saw posts on MV regarding your wee beast, that's how I found your blog. You will soon be flicking that in and out of traffic, give it a blink and then think about Dr Pulley Sliders and the famous/infamous Fuzzy Washer. It will make it even more fun. I maybe talking out iof turn, you may have the sliders/fuzzy combo on your 500. Congrats again.

  3. Bel, now I get it! Wow, nice bike. Something I've been contemplating as well. There are a lot of level crossings on one of my commuting routes. I'll bet that you wouldn't even notice them with the MP3.

    I saw a YouTube video of a prototype of a four wheel version of an MP3. It was being ridden at a 45 degree angle down a flight of stone steps and it looked perfectly stable doing it.

    Do you have streetcar tracks in Chicago? I know there's the ELL. Does it switch to streetcar mode outside the Loop? If so, try it on some streets with streetcar tracks and let us know how it handles.