Friday, March 30, 2012

Teaching friends how to ride

If you teach them, they will ride...AWAY!

Now that I have the MP3 400, my friends, (Mike & Chelsea) have been dying to learn how to ride. 

Since our local MSF courses have not started as of yet (too early in the year here) I decided to give them my INTRO to RIDING.

First thing I did was make them get their permits. That allows them to ride as long as they are in the company of another M class license holder. Both Mike and Chelsea had no problems getting these from our local DMV.

Permits in hand, we went off to a local school parking lot to give them an introductory class in scooter and motorcycle riding.

Going by what I learned at my MSF course and scooter school we went in the following order:

First, we had them sit on the bike. Just sit. Get used to the weight and feel. Point out the starter, kill switch, throttle, brakes, turn signals, etc.

Second, we showed them how to start the scooter and just roll/walk it across the parking lot, turn the scooter around and just roll/walk it back.

Third, we discussed gear, helmets, boots, jackets, gloves and pants. 

Fourth, we talked about riding on a road with cars, versus tooling around in a parking lot.

By the end of the "class" we had Mike going in circles in the parking lot on the MP3. 

The bad news is that my other friend, Chelsea, is too short to ride the MP3. We are currently looking for a very smaller 150cc scooter that she might be able to handle. But Shorties do have a hard time getting a bike that fits. So I feel bad for her.

So far she is content to ride behind my BF on the MP3 as we ride. But she wants to ride and I can tell she was real disappointed in not being able to handle the MP3. Her feet could not hit the ground!

So here I am, thinking that my friends are going to be riding the MP3 and guess what? After a few classes with me, Mike shows up at my house wanting to try one of my BF's motorcycles. ( We are a multiple bike family)

Yeah, you can see where this is going. A few more lessons from my BF, and now Mike is riding a Suzuki Boulevard 40S. 

Dang it! my BF stole my Scooter Minion! Oh well, there is still Chelsea... Now if we can find her that one tiny 150cc scooter, I may have my Minion yet!


  1. It's funny you brought this up at this time. I "challenged" some people on my blog to try to convince others to take up life on two wheels. Hope you find something that works for her.

  2. Bel, I'm very impressed. Most people won't let anyone on their bikes. Offering to teach a beginner is really, really generous. Just love your MP3.