Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What's in a Name?

Why did you name your scooter?
Oh, I don't know... why does the military name it's ships? Why does NASA name their missions. Why do we name planets and stars?

So I would like to go on board as saying naming a vehicle is in no way LAME or STOOPID or RIDICULOUS. People have been naming things from the get go, so quick yer complaining because this is what we do. Do you get it, Enola Gay?

It's called anthropomorphism, the practice of suggesting human characteristics for animals or other inanimate objects - like a car, boat, plane or rocket or spaceship for that matter. So, yeah, people will name their scooters. Why this should offend anyone is beyond me. Nuf said.


  1. Other than one Deputy Sheriff I not run into anyone who was offended by my naming my ride. I have run into a number of folks who don't understand naming and so they don't.

    I did a whole post at the beginning of January on how I came to name my Symba what I did.

    I think the Blue Dragon is a most excellent name for a scooter.


  2. I named my scooter because it made it mine. It makes it seem to me that we are in a relationship together and working towards the common goal of getting to our destination safely. I love my scooter Vixen. Silly or not, she's mine. I think naming is the emotional equivalent of people physically accessorizing their scoots to give them character.