Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Detroit Thunderdrome Rat Racer Glory!

Detroit Thunderdrome!!! Fastest way to a compound fracture!

Behold ravenous rat racers and lovers of busted-A$$ cheap beaters. Here be the abandoned Dorais Velodrome in Detroit Michigan, now reclaimed by a bunch of Rat Racers and partially restored to it's former Bone Smashing, Butt Scraping GLORY!

For a few years now, the brave/fool-hardy have been racing on the broken slopes of this TOW-up, pothole ridden and graffiti covered mess found in north Detroit.

These rat races were created by professional auto journalists Andy Didorosi and Ben Wojdyla after re-discovering the abandoned velodrome while working for a volunteer "Mowing Gang" that is cleaning up Detroit.

"When we first saw it, we thought it would be great to take out mini bikes around. Then we decided to tell our friends. Once the Detroit News put us on the front page, everything exploded." said Didirosi in a previous interview.

The Velodrome was constructed in 1968 and has fallen into disrepair since the 1990's. Didirosi and Wojdyla dealt with the Parks-n-Rec nay-sayers, then organized a clean-up & repair in 2010 and now the track is (semi) ready for the brave and foolish to test their mettle.

The race classes include scooters, go carts, pit bikes, mopeds, mountain bike, and single speed messenger bikes.

Stop by the Motor City September 10th and give it a try kiddies... if you have the ballz!

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