Friday, August 5, 2011

NonPlayer Comic - Very Interesting Scooter Concepts

Hmmm which do I want, Futuristic Scooter or Floating Swan!

Nate Simpson, wunderkind of the Comic World has previewed his latest work much to the delight of nerds across the universe.

He recently presented advance copies of his new comic, Nonplayer #1 at WonderCon this weekend. Filled with lush colors and complex images while, hinting at mulit-layered stories and characters, Nonplayer is already being scoped by Hollywood as a possible feature film!

Check this out: Nonplayer is a series about a Tamale Delivery Girl in the future is apparantly a "an Uber Bad Azz in the future worlds latest and greatest "simulated life/computer game" called Warrior of Jarvath.

I have to say, both the scooter concepts have it goin' on! ATGATT girl on the futuristic scooter plus an Elven Qween on the Floating Swan! I want them BOTH! I can just see me riding my Floating Swan down the I-55 into work! Stay back Trucks... I am riding a FRICK'n SWAN!!!!

I am already liking this... Butt-Kickin' Tamale Delivery Girl stuff! You know those tamales bring on the spicy action!

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