Sunday, September 11, 2011

LS 650 Suzukii Boulevard vs BV 500

Ya got a purty face

My BF just bought this sharp little bike on fleabay. It's a purty little thang. Small and light and a perfect starter bike or bike for someone who is vertically challenged.

After my BF rode the bike to my house, (about 32 miles) this was his initial impression.

Suzuki Boulevard S 40 - 650cc

Great starter bike for anyone. Sits low so the balance is good. Good pickup. Single cylinder so top speed not should not exceed 75 mph because it might put too much stress on the engine. But great gas mileage because it is only a single cylinder. Easy to maneuver and smooth on the highway.

The speedometer is not easy to see. At speeds above 75-mph, noticeable vibration in handlebars, but it is engine vibration, not road vibration. Most comfortable at speeds around 60-mph but no more.

Compared to my BV 500 scooter

The Boulevard wins this one because it is smaller and lighter and lower than the BV 500. In cornering and turns, it out performs the BV 500.

The BV 500 out performs the Boulevard in speed and smoothness in acceleration. The BV 500 is a smoother ride at higher speeds.

Starter Bike Capabilities:
This goes to the Boulevard. A BV500 is too much for a beginner to handle, both in power and weight.

Goes to the Boulevard as well, since it is only a single cylinder and the BV 500 is a two cylinder.

Highway Riding:
BV 500 is better. More power and more weight gives you a smoother ride. The Boulevard is great for side streets but is over it's head on the highway.

So basically the Suzuki Boulevard S 40 is a great little starter bike. But the BV 500 is not. Hmmm something we BV 500 owners all ready knew.

BV 500s - not for noobs!


  1. Good review Bel! I was looking at an S40, but settled for an experienced Honda CM 450E. I went to the dealership & sat on the S40, bit decided I would rather save my moolah and get something with a Vtwin engine. Also with this being my starter bike, I didn't want to shell out tons of money on it only to sell it a year later and deal with devaluation of the bike.

    Love your scooter and think a larger scooter like yours could still be in my future.

  2. Right Dar. I think it is a good bike for tooling around, but not exactly highway worthy. Especially if it has a vibration in the handle bars. But good for a kid or a noob for a year or so while they learn the ropes. It is a nice little bike tho... real cutie!