Saturday, September 24, 2011

MMMeee LIKE! Custom Scooters

If you know anything about me... I LOVE this stuff!

Here are some sweet custom scooters at the Thailand Bangkok 2010 Motorcycle show. As you know from my previous posts, any one one of these beauties can cost from $14 - $30K.

I long to attend one of these shows. America is enamored with its big cars and chopper style motorcycles. There are little opportunities to see scooters at a motorcycle show, let alone any custom models. I have tried to contact "Chopper" motorcycle shops in Chicagoland with zero result. When I tell them I want a "Pimped out japanese style scooter" they basically laugh and say they wouldn't waste their time. So my search continues.

Supposedly, most modified scooters are under 400cc because any bike over 250cc must undergo a bi-annual inspection and many of the modifications will not pass this inspection.

The theory is the scooters are lowed down to their bellypan, then lengthen and stretched the rear swing arm and extend the pipes.

Some of the scooters have a modified front and rear suspension with an installed air compressor. This allows the scooter to rise and lower (for park) by switch. The engine compartment is also moved back from the original location for the stretch. LEDs are also a must as well as a custom after market exhaust.

Incase you are curious of what it takes to make one of these babies. Click on this below to go to a Japanese blog ( you don't really need the translation-plenty of photos) and click through to see all the work involved just for the body modification. It's no wonder these little babies are so expensive.


  1. Bel. Your scooter is nicer than any of those there, it would fit right in. I love looking at scooters fancied up or plain. Did you get any ideas to add to your scooter? Fuzzy seat perhaps, chrome floorboards?

    The orange scoot in the single picture is uuummmm, not sure what to make of it, can't be that stable to ride. I would venture to say it doesn't go very far.

    Thanks for a cool read on a lazy Sunday morning.

  2. That's wild Bel. You have to admire the talent it takes to produce such fine custom work. It's a true form of art. Thanks for posting that.