Monday, April 2, 2012

Scooter Fashion Show or How to Properly Pose with a Scooter

Everything I know about posing I learned from Ru Paul.
(Jacket - Harley Davidson, Dansko Clog Shoes, BMW custom painted helmet)

Action shots are always good.
(Jacket - Tucano Urban Lady Inuit, Size 8, Scorpion Exo 400 Helmet)

It helps if you channel your inner drag queen.
(Jacket - Gogo Gear Hologram, size 8)

This one makes my sister call me a "tool". 
(Jacket - Harley Davidson)

Action shot - showing emotion is important

(Cheap fairy costume purchased from cheap costume store - Harley Davidson Ladies Boots)

"Serious Ninja Look", 
Well as serious as a ninja can look with a cheap pink helmet purchased on Fleabay
(Jacket - Gogo Gear Trench, Harley Davidson Boots)

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