Sunday, April 15, 2012

AAAAArrrrrrrrggggghhhhhh! WIND!

Even the "Stunt Queen of Naperville" cannot deal with this crappy weather.

The weather here is killing me. After having a great early spring, with a couple weeks of great riding weather, we have now segued into our normal, wet and windy Chicago spring.

This means plenty of threatening clouds and WIND.

For those of you in balmier climes, how I envy you.

The other day I rode home from work and I was just buffeted and shoved the entire way. Honestly people, Scootering is a battlefield.

I arrived home, cold and exhausted. I wanted only to take a hot bath and go to bed. But it was POTLUCK night and my friends were already at my house, waiting for dinner.

ARGH! Anyway, the best thing you can do when riding in the wind, is maintain your grip, but stay loose and relaxed and KNOW that the wind is going to push you around. It WILL move you so just let it happen. Don't panic, just deal with it.

Also, do not go out in the wind if you cannot flat foot your scooter. It can knock you over while you are waiting at a stoplight. So please, take care people.

You know the wind is bad when it grabs your full face helmet and tries twist if off your head, like the twist cap on a bottle of soda. NOT REFRESHING!


  1. How I hate hate riding in the wind! We get plenty of it here being by the ocean. I agree you have to stay loose and relax. Hang in and hang on, you are right scooting is a battlefield!

  2. Bel, I had a couple of windy rides in the last couple of days myself. I doubt that we get anywhere near the wind Chicago and surrounding area gets. Our lake is on the south side of the city and is a puddle compared to Lake Michigan and doesn't give mother nature the same opportunity to pack a punch that a great lake does.

  3. I HATE wind. Here at the base of the rockies it is very, very sudden and a violent contrast to calmer weather.

  4. You have a real nice scooter there. I'm saving up to get either the 350 or the 500cc