Monday, April 2, 2012

Teaching friends to ride...Part 2

Okay- So far so good for Mike. We have gone from practicing in parking lots to riding down suburban streets and roads. Mike has kept up with me pretty well.

(You can say one thing about the back of a ain't sexy!)

We have gone to our local DMV (which is super close to us) and he has now tried practicing on the motorcycle licensing obstacle course.

In addition to that,  Chelsea is now riding behind him! 
Yep he is riding two up already, well in a parking lot.

I don't mind telling you. He is pretty steady. It took me 3 years before I would let someone ride behind me. With Mike, it took 3 weeks. I guess it is a guy thing. They want their ladies with them when they roll. 

Right now, I am keeping them riding two up - only in a parking lot. Even tho Mike is buying this bike from my BF, we are keeping it in our garage as he makes the payments. This allows us to monitor him and make sure he doesn't try anything alone. 

We are still looking for a small scooter for Chelsea. Deals come and go on Craigs list, but nothing worthwhile as of yet. We also need to get her a proper armored jacket, boots and gloves. 

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  1. Happy Easter Bel!

    So is there an instructor career in your future? Looks like you're very good at it!