Friday, February 18, 2011

Patriot Riders or "You don't get it"

You are going to cry...

I was having a very bad day today. This is the one year anniversary of my mother's passing and someone had this on their Facebook. Of course I watched it and started crying.

I have written previously about riding with the Patriot Guard and the group events. These are very moving events and I challenge anyone not to cry when you attend.

Being a total wuss, I have never attended a "funeral ride". That would just be too much for me. I could not remain as stoic as these men in the video. I am still amazed at the idiot Ice-Holes that show up to "protest" at these funerals with their stupid agenda. It's like, "really?"...."really?"

When the families in the video called the Patriot Guard Riders, "The Calvary" and how they rode in to the rescue, I felt like, "Yeah!" They can ride in and take a stand against those morons as well as show support and respect to the families. Thinking about that, plus the thought of all the Welcome Home Rides got me jazzed. The other stuff made me cry, but at the end I was deciding the best thing I could take out of the video was the "Calvary" remark. It was that or stay a sobbing wreck for the day.

I was like "Yeah! There is something I can do. Suit up and RIDE against ICE HOLES! I can show my support to the young men and women in this country. Whether I am against the war, military guns etc... I can do this! Because the necessity of dealing with of ignorant supercilious misguided Dum asses Unites us ALL!

So after watching this, I wrote into my friends FB:
"Yeah Patriot Riders. Get ready to ride!"

Meaning "Yeah, take a stand! Do something. Show respect and support."

Then I wrote in:
"Do not forget the group rides for those of us that are too emotional to attend the other rides."

I didn't think too much about it until another person on my friends FB commented:
"It's not about the RIDE!"

Well, okay...maybe I am not being clear.

So I decided to clarify by saying:
"By RIDE I mean, take a stand and show your support and respect"

To which the guy responds:
"You don't get it"


..... uh, what don't I get?


What the heck does that mean? I mean, did I not reference the fact that when you ride with the PGR, you are visually taking a stand against ICE-HOLEs intruding on a families very very personal and private moment? I mean the situation is beyond political. It is just offensive.

Did I not say that there are also rides for those unable to handle the intensity of the funeral of a young person who gave their life for their country?

Did the families themselves refer to the Patriot Guard Riders as "The Calvary"? And the calvary rides in.... right?

So exactly what am I not getting.

Then I went MENTAL! as only a menopausal woman can. (for those who are male and have not experienced menopause and for those who, "sailed" through it... you are blessed and I wish I was you... but I am NOT!)

I started angrily concocting all sorts of responses. Is this not AMERICA! I don't have to think like someone else. That is what it is all about...Freedom of speech, Freedom of religion, Freedom to gather... even those Rat Bastages protesting at those funerals know that part! I just want to show support for the PGR even if I can't do those rides.

On and on I ranted.... Oh, I am sure that this guy was also responding that way because of my purple haired, scooter rider FB profile photo. Yep, not your typical Patriot Guard Rider. Macho jerk! Rant, rant, rant.

Well, I was so mad I couldn't post anything. I refused to look back at the page. I swore off computers forever! NO MORE SOCIAL NETWORK!

But I had to go back, because I wanted to send the video to my BF.

And there, down beneath my comment and the "You Don't Get It" remark was another comment from a woman I don't even know.

"It's not about the Ride? Then why did I buy this bike, get tested and get a license?".


I love that woman who ever you are. God bless. Like dousing out a wild fire.

Now I can go back to missing my mom. Love you mom. Your girl is still shooting off her mouth without thinking first. Some things never change.

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