Friday, February 18, 2011

TVS Wego - do yo scooter dance!

Don't sprain your wego doing this!

I have never heard of this particular scooter or brand, TVS Wego. But I have to say, the name is pretty cute and I like saying it... Weeeeeegoooooo.

Anyway, it's just a typical friday night here, where me and my BF are in a contest to see who can eat the most junk until they throw up... so I take some time between the 4 month-old peanut butter ice cream and ding dongs, to search on the internet for all things scooter.

I found this ad for the new Wego scooter and what is interesting is that I am reading more articles about the actual AD and it's content than about the scooter.

There is very little attention being paid to the scooter, I can't even discern what it actually looks like, but I pretty much know what each lady is wearing. ( Love the light brown suede boots) and they both have great hair.

The reviews range from a great fun ad, to why are they encouraging people to ride unsafely. What I get from this is, riding a scooter is really nothing new in India. Anyone who has seen the videos on YouTube, you know those people ride...alot.

The reviews are actually wondering about the success of such an ad in an already, "crowded" market.

The ad may be silly and sexist, and I still don't really know what "Body Balance" actually is...I still found the perspective refreshing as well as the perspective from the multiple reviews. Even if I never really saw the actual scooter.

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