Tuesday, February 22, 2011

POWERLET Heated Mens Vest

No, I don't normally go for men's clothing, but....

When we attended the Chicago International Motorcycle show, (a slightly smaller show, but still a great) we saw some Powerlet Heated Motorcycle gear.

After dressing like the Michelin Man for the last two years, I knew this was something to consider.

I would have so many layers on it was hard to turn my head or move my arms and that cannot be safe. But there was an accident, I couldn't be hurt, I was my own air bag. Created by layers of Tickle Me Elmo t-shirts and Winnie the Pooh sweats. But face it, peeling those layers on and off was a lot of prep. So I was up for looking into this stuff.

They did not have a ladies jacket line in my size... BUMMER! So I had to go for the Mens vest in small.

But let me say, the Ladies heated Jacket liner, tho very thin and light, is very SHORT IN THE WAIST!!

So even if they had a Lady's jacket that fit, I fail to see how warm I would be with the lower half of my torso hanging out. It was almost a bolero jacket.

My one request: Please make a longer version. It is for riding in the cold right? So I really doubt that the ladies are wearing shrinky dink short and tight jackets in winter or fall, so LONGER PLEASE!

Mens Heated Vest - also very thin and light and easy to store. Fits under any jacket. Has a cord that comes out of the left pocket and that plugs into a control cord and THAT plugs into the wire cord you attach to your vehicles battery.

Very easy to install. With my BV500, the wire just hangs out from under the seat. You have to plug in and out when you get on and off the bike. The button control handset goes up to five.

If you get the actual Jacket, the company recommends using the control at only at 2 or 3 because scooter batteries are smaller than motorcycles and the Jackets (with arms, 100 watts), will draw too much power.

The vest functions at 60 watts and you can set the control higher.

My boyfriend hooked it up and plugged me in and I started up the scooter. Within about 10 seconds I started feeling the heat from the vest. It really performed very well in about 37 degrees.

The rest of me was a solid block of ice, but my torso was as warm as a baked potato. I can only imagine how nice it would be to have the jacket, gloves and pants. But then, I would be riding in WINTER!

So far, this seems to be a good investment. With the show price of only $90.00 as opposed to the price via the internet, it was a good buy.

I am thinking of getting a larger vest or jacket for my boyfriend. We will be riding in the rockies this spring and I know it will colder at those higher altitudes. He never dresses right and I can easily carry the jacket and everything in a small bag in my top case.

But the riding season has yet to begin here, we have quite a few months to go before anyone can seriously be out on the roads. But with my new Powerlet heated vest, I will, at least, be riding toasty.

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  1. Glad you liked the purchase and appreciate the comments on product improvements. Notes taken.