Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Aprilia Mana 850 GT-Things I can't have – Part infinity

Aprilia Mana 850 GT ... sigh

how I long to test ride thee

Versatile and multiform, the Aprilia Mana 850 gt is the most complete motorcycle on the market. Intelligent, innovative, comfortable blah, blah, blah....

This hot bike is the so far, one of the closest things to a reasonable automatic motorcycle. And you can argue about that statement all you want, (CF Moto..etc...)I am staying out of that one nit pickers.

As seen on the demo videos found on youtube, (see bottom of post) it can function as a twist and go. According to the interwebs, the engine is right out of the Gilera GP 800 with a CTV transmission, continously variable. The 7 speed option selects 7 “virtual rations”.

What ever the heck that means. Twist... and GO! right? That’s how it works with my scooter or in my car... Gas=Go!

So of course I want one.

I have a BV500 and that is pretty great. But when it comes to the highways and touring, not big enough, not enough power and not comfortable for long stretches of time. Can I have an Aprilia Mana 800 GT in CHICAGO?... so far NO!

But the HUNT is ON! Much to my boyfriend’s agitation.

Here are some of the Aprilia Mana GT 850’s special features:

• Half-fairing with adjustable windshield. (This thing just slides up and down. Awesome!)

• Sportgear transmission: electronically controlled sequential gearshift with two shift modes: seven speed manual or Autodrive with three different mappings: Sport/Touring/Rain. (this is the “automatic” part)

• Helmet compartment with non-scratch lining for a full-face helmet, with mobile phone holder, toolkit/glove-box and 12V-power socket. (This is located in the space where the you might think the gas tank is, up in front)

• New latest generation 2-channel Continental ABS system as standard. (of course, duh)

• Lateral shock absorber easily adjustable with the hand grip in preload and extension. (huh?)

• 90° V engine with four valves per cylinder, Euro 3 homologated. (huh?)

• Brakes with radial calipers. (huh?)

• 43- mm upside down fork. (huh?)

• Steel trellis frame with single piece aluminium swingarm. (wuh?)

• Under-seat fuel tank. (see NOT in the big storage space in front, it is under ur butt!)

With these characteristics, the Mana 850 GT is the most functional and complete bike on the market.

Intelligent transmission

The primary drive is the focal point of the entire Mana range. The Sportgear transmission offers the rider a choice of different driving modes:

Sequential mode:

The rider decides when to change gear by using the conventional control on the pedal or by pressing a switch on the handlebars as desired. An electronically-controlled servo mechanism acts on the main pulley which changes the gearshift mode with seven gear ratios amazingly quickly. Only during deceleration, if the rider does not manually change gear, the engine automatically changes down gear using the Semi-Sequential function and preventing the minimum RPM threshold from going below the set limit. Another valuable aid to safe riding.

Fully automatic mode (Autodrive):

The sophisticated electronics control everything and the CVT transmission keeps the engine running at maximum torque speed for optimum pick-up and acceleration. The rider can choose from three different mappings:

1.Touring: for those who want a softer power delivery and minimum fuel consumption.

2.Sport: for maximum performance and quick acceleration.

3.Rain: on wet or slippery roads in maximum safety; Semi-Autodrive mode only allows the rider to change down gear. This is useful for overtaking at maximum torque revs or when riding down a hill when engine braking is required.

You can switch from Autodrive to Sequential mode and vice versa at any time and in any riding conditions. The handlebar gearshift control can be disabled from the dashboard.

With this technical solution, the Mana GT 850 adapts perfectly to any type of road and offers relaxed cruising or exhilarating sports riding depending on the rider’s needs or wishes.

So.. yeah, I am piqued... Where can I get one or ride one... What?! ... I CAN’T!!!! Not available in Chicago!


Well, the search goes on.. : P

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  1. Yep, I want one too! Hard to find in the Chicago area but I think DGY Motorsports in Downers Grove has them!