Friday, March 18, 2011

Larry Crowne New Clip Available

This movie is causing a major buzz on many scooter forums and blogs. Some have mentioned a Genuine Scooter sponsored scooter rally for the movie premier (visions of Tom and Julia pulling up the red carpet on scooters have inflamed my crazy little brain) and other "scooter" related promotions.

I am hoping that scooterist and various scooter clubs in my neck 'o' the woods will endeavor to also have some sort of rally for the premier. This is a perfect opportunity for scooter to be taken more seriously.

Why do I think this movie will help. Take a look at the wee clip available on www.tomhanks-online.

Hanks rolls out his driveway, beeps at the "CHEERING" kids on the bus! (how awesome is that!) rolls by his neighbor, singing the praises of his scooter.

Too many teenagers in my neighborhood for beeps and waves. But maybe I should slow down and give it a try by the middle school. Don't want to look, "creepy" tho.

So we are waiting to see if any of the scooter dealers in the area are going to organize any rallys or tie-ins to the movie premier. It would be pretty awesome to pull up to a local theater in a cadre of scooters. Park them strategically by the theater and wait for the admiring throngs to gather....

Well, Hollywood isn't the only place built on dreams...

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  1. "Don't want to look, "creepy" tho." - haha this made me laugh. Cheers from Canada!