Sunday, March 20, 2011

Things that Grate my Cheese

really? really?

Sigh... an ad from Scoot Magazine, which I guess is foregoing print and going digital. But based on their content and advertising choices... I am thinking uh, no thanks.

I like a good joke or clever witty advertisement. But some things push the bounds. So what can a gal say but, "ack!"

Since when is the orange spray-tanned crack of some chicks A$$ a selling point for a helmet? Oh yeah, since the beginning of time. Clever these advertisers. Ya got me! Send me one of every style...STAT!

Hey, "Nexx" Helmets, you are also marketing to women as well right. How about equal time for the ladies? How about the same ad with a dudes butt with a tramp stamp? Hmmm... Right, that probably wouldn't make me buy one of your crappy helmets anyway.

I call this last bit of this blog post, 'The Icing on the Crap Cupcake".
So don't read on if you are easily offended.

"BTW Tramps stamps are such a tired form of expression. If I ever got one. I'm going to base it on McDonalds, " One Billion Served".


  1. Agreed Bel. Of course sex sells, and always will. But you have to be a little smart about it, and context is everything. Scooter riding is one of those activities that appeals to men and women alike. So if you're going to use sex as the lure, you'd better do it so that the ad appeals to both men and women simultaneously.
    Your reaction says it all.

  2. Geez if I was looking for a scooter helmet for myself and ran across this ad it would make me NOT want to go any further. I hate sexist advertising. HATE IT!