Tuesday, October 11, 2011

busy busy ...Aw Crap

Adieu my sweet summer cabin dream... You were wonderful while you existed!

Well I have been very busy lately so that is why I have not been posting. I have been riding my scooter hither and yon looking for a small summer cabin retreat. Having finally found one, only an hour away, (perfect scooter riding distance),I put in a bid and then began making all sorts of mental plans... only to have it fall through when some, "Rich" person outbid me and bought the cabin with CASH!!! THE NERVE!!! It even had a Troll Hole in the back so I could set up a distillery and start making "Shine"!

So even in this time of economic difficulties, people of means still have the means to poop on ya!
Okay, enough of the sour grapes. I am going to continue my search so I can invest my measly savings and still somehow enjoy it. Wish me luck!

Goodbye little Troll Hole / Distillery...it could have been so...nice

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