Monday, October 17, 2011

From the "Other Stuff You Can Do with a Scooter" Files

Ya can't do this on a BV500 kids

Okay - it's not a "Vespa" but he is riding the Krap outta it. This was shot at the Bowl of Marseille, a skate park in France. The riders name is Boulon. (Alternately, the name of a commune in France and a metal "bolt").

It might be possible that he is just trying to establish that he has a "screw-loose" in Frog lingo.

You have gotta love the wee power and flexibility of little scooters. For urban fun, they have it all. Tell me that scooter would not come in handy during a Zombie Invasion or possible End-of-the-World senario!

Oddly, most of the comments on a french scooter site seem express that fact that many skaters are not impressed with Boulons antics.

"The good snapshot of Marseilles, an acorn on a stolen scooter that is doing anything to impress."

"A guy on a 30-year stunt sad: lol: At this age he should be father and driving a minivan ..."

For me, this earns Boulon one Unimpressed Spock meme outta 5. That is because I am an old white lady and this stuff seems pretty cool to me.


  1. Yea seems pretty damn cool to me too! Although not something I'm going to rush out and do on my 400cc Burgie anytime soon. :)

  2. I think it's pretty cool too. Then again my kids like to remind me that I'm no longer with "it" because they've long-since changed what "it" is.