Sunday, October 23, 2011

A New Day, A New GARAGE

This is my supposedly 1.5 car garage...rrrrrright.
Just because you say it, does not make it reality.

I was born to a life without a garage. It seemed no matter when I went, I never had a garage. When I bought my house, I was told it had a 1.5 car garage. In reality it had a 0.0 car garage. If I could squeeze a car in there, I had to get out the window and climb over the hood. I am NOT kidding. Well, at least I had my own one car driveway.

So after years of making due and leaving my car exposed to the elements, I bit the bullet and had one built. It is 24 x 26 feet of luxurious space for me to park my 2 cars and my scooter. As well as store my BF's bikes and MAN-CRAP.

 It took 2 days to build. I did the mega-driveway about 6 months earlier.

You will never know the cost or how long or how many permits and how many sub-contractors wallet-punched me over this thing. Not to mention my extra long cement driveway and it still isn't done. 

What lies in store for my former 0.0 car attached garage....hopefully it will become a 2.0 personal office for me and my BF.... well, a gal can keep dreaming.

This is a 1 Car Garage Remodel! 
Phase II of my home remodeling dream.

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