Saturday, July 24, 2010


In which our heroine attempts to guide NOOBs through Scooter purchasing process.

Well, you can look online all you want, but you will have to get yer butt out of the house and start actually looking at real scooters. You will find them at your local Motorcycle or Scooter Dealers.


ANYWHERE FROM $2500 - $8000.00

The lower the cc, the less speed and the lower the price. For example you may be able to get an New Aprilia 125 cc at around $2,600.00. Or a Yamaha Zuma 125cc for $3600.00

Remember the lower the cc, the lower the speed, the less roads you will be able to ride on.


Typically used for zipping around camp ground, trailer parks and country roads or colleges. Maybe some city streets... if you are squirrelly enough to try it!


WHAT? Sure it's a bit cheaper but don't be a CANDY A$$ - go for a 150cc and ride on some real roads NOOB!


Good scooter for most roads and streets, city and suburban traffic. But still small and light. Maneuverable and good for a NOOB to gain experience. BEST PICK.

All higher cc scooters are NOT recommended for NOOBs unless you have previous riding experience or are fairly strong or determined.


All streets, roads and highways.


Maxi scooter, all streets, roads, highways and can be used for touring.


Maxi scooter, same as above.

Conversely, The cheaper the brand of scooter, the closer to CRAP.

Don’t tell me about the great deal you got on a Roketa or a Bali, Lance or Qlink, If you are not a mechanic, you just got screwed. These cheap scooters are filled with plastic parts the melt and break before you can say, WTF! So DON”T DO IT. Unless you LOVE to tinker and look for parts online, save your money and wait to get a Vespa, Piaggio, Aprilla or Kymco. Just my personal recommendation.

Quite a bit of this $$$ info came from the Modern Vespa forum, so check it out.

Dealers will typically charge the follow fees:

Let's say you choose a Vespa GTS 300.

  • Listed on web site for $5999.00
  • Tag and title = $290 -- a state fee, hence not negotiable
  • Import fee = $320 -- not sure about this one, my guess is not negotiable
  • Assembly fee= $200 -- the only negotiable fee on your list, but very small
  • Tax at 6% = $360 -- a state fee, hence not negotiable

CHA CHING! grand total for this particular model = $7169

Add in an armored jacket, helmet, gloves and books and you are close to $8000.00

Wait, license, tags and INSURANCE - Now you are over $8K.

Who said scooters were cheap transportation? LIARS!

So it is better to go after an older model or a used scooter. This is probably the best opportunity for getting the dealer to lower the price. More about that later.

You need to remember these brands - These are in MY personal order of what came to my brain first - so it goes...

Top of the Line. Classic scooter styling.
Has Piaggio parts and engines so good reliable scooters. In my book, less stylish as the Vespas but larger under seat storage.
“Rice Burner” Good reliable Taiwan scoots with good history and easily serviced. BEST PICK FOR NOOBS
Like Kymco, reliable Asian scooter.
American branded but Asian made Also reliable.
Recommend scooters.

Good recommended scooters

Reliable Maxi scooters (NOOB you cannot have one of these unless you have previous motorcycle experience. These scooters are Mega BIG, you can’t handle a Bergman, so don’t go there.)

All others are NOT TO BE CONSIDERED, unless you are a mechanic who loves to tinker Believe me, I know.

Now that you know the brand of scooter you want and can afford, off you go to a dealer...

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