Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wrong Top + Strong Wind = Wardrobe Malfunction


In which our heroine discovers why all those bikers wear tight clothes.

Yep, usually I am all ATGATT,(all the gear all the time) but today we had to make a short run to my BFs house in the country. It's very warm here, so I went without a jacket, just a tank top. I have ridden like this once before, so I didn't anticipate any issue.

Obviously I picked the wrong top, because as soon as we hit the country roads, the wind picked up and so did my top!

When we stopped I tucked it into my pants, but the wind decided that now it could go down my cleavage and pull out the top that way. It shoved the neckline down to my belly, and then it started on my bra!

I was so fricking P.O.ed, but I knew we only had a few miles to go. I must have flashed at least a dozen cars!

I alerted my BF, who confirmed my worst fears by busting out laughing as he rode next to me. I thought he was going to crash, the dork!

Finally we got to his house and I put on one of his daughters old t-shirts.

Now I know why bikers wear leather vests!

Oh, now my BF refers to this incident as, "Boobs across America"!

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