Saturday, July 31, 2010

Being Visible or RESPECT and FEAR the PINK HELMET!

In which our heroine attempts to make NOOBs understand why a pink helmet is AWESOME!

Oh, most lame of lame pink helmets with crappy graphics, how I love thee.

As a 2-wheel-rider on the Road knows, VISIBILITY goes a long way towards protecting you from possible harm.

Today's drivers are coffee-swilling, french fry-eating, make-up applying, radio-adjusting, cellphone-talkin' and texting MANIACs!

You think I don't now what I am talking about??? I see you out there!

So you need a FULL FACED HELMET NOOB! NO ARGUMENTS! Do your really want me to include all the links to smashed faces and mangled jaws of those who choose to ride sans helmets? NO YOU DON'T! Do you know what ER workers call people who ride without helmets? ORGAN DONERS!

If you are like me, you don't have hundreds of dollars for a good helmet. People yell at me all the time, "Spend the money and protect your best asset, YOUR BRAIN! GET A REAL HELMET! Get a Shoei, Arai, Nolan, HJC. Jeezbus CRISP!"

Sure these brands of helmets are considered the best but they can cost anywhere from $200 - $600.00.!!!

If you do not have the money, any helmet is better than none. eBay is full of cheap helmets and so is craigslist. It is still better to try on as many top-of-the-line helmets as you can in a store and then see if you can find it for cheaper via the internet.

That being said, helmet choice is important in getting noticed. Even though a black helmet with a black visor is ultra cool, it is the LEAST VISIBLE HELMET OUT THERE.

Believe it or not, I have found that wearing a pink helmet goes a very long way with improving your visibility.

I have ridden with both an ultra cool looking V-Tune Black on Black Helmet and my crappy eBay WOW $40.00 helmet and I have seen the difference.

A pink helmet immediately identifies me as a woman. Plus it looks like a Gee Dee TEACUP! When I merge, I notice most drivers give me room or hang WAY back. Unless they are total DEEKs!

In fact, I have noticed the difference in drivers behavior towards the pink helmet SO MUCH, that I now feel NAKED without it.

I know I will save up and get a better helmet, but if it doesn't come in pink, I will be sending it out to be painted ASAP!

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