Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Oh Crazy Ass Open Face Helmet that lets the entire world blow up my nose, how I don't know what to do with you...

When we went out to Colorado for my sister's BIG 50th BIRTHDAY EXTRAVAGANZA and were touring "THE PALACE" we managed a glimpse into the "MOTORCYCLE GEAR ROOM". (Well, actually, it was a closet in the room in which we were staying.)

Anyway, my sister's husband, Jim, pulled out these helmets and commented "We never use these... Do you want them?"

Well, I knew these are very expensive helmets, plus they are open face. Also my sister has a HUGE MELON with BIG HAIR in which secrets a GIANT BRAIN, apparently created only to MAKE MONEY. So I really doubted that it would fit. I hemmed and hawed...

"YES! SEND US THE HELMETS! shouts my BF, who apparently loves the helmets.

And what is not to love. They are sharp looking, well constructed, fits well, is light and is obviously FARRRRR more expensive than our "Fleabay" helmets.

So Jim ships the helmets to us, and after battling the flu for a week or so, we go out for a ride wearing the "NEW ARAI HELMETS" cue angels singing....... ah.....Ah..... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! oh crap

They kinda, uh, suck.

Look, I am not the best looking gal out there, but the idea of getting in an accident or taking a spill in this thing makes ones sphincter shrivel. Can you say, "Facial Reconstruction"? and you know this ain't no Lifetime movie here, I would come out looking WORSE!

For all the great fit, looks, and material, it just comes down to a helmet with this flimsy, snap-on visor, which seems like it will pop off in the first big Chic-cahgy wind gust.

The visor seems to block the bugs well enough, but it is the wind, the entire world blowing up my nose that is also an issue. You definitely need glasses or goggles on under these. My BF said he could hardly see there was so much wind blowing in gaps along the side of the visor.

It seems like a poor design on Arai's part. There is also a snap down the jaw that we cannot for the life of us, figure out what it does. Does anyone out there know?

They also have a HUGE A$$ microphone for a very expensive sound system. It is not SUBTLE, this large black foam SAUSAGE, and so I enjoyed making some very mischievous faces with it at stop lights, much to my BF's consternation.

Tho how the sound system can work, with the wind blowing in there is also a feat of electrical engineering that is beyond my limited comprehension.

The upside is you get to look like the Great Gazoo, a welder, or a reject from Forbidden Planet.

So I guess we are keeping these helmets. But I am actually afraid to wear it. Too many lethal pebbles have ka-bonked off my full face helmet for me to ever give it up, (Oh cheap pink whure of a helmet, I guess you are still the only one for me, DAMN YOU!).

Just that one bug that hit me in the lip that one time was like being shot by a bee-bee gun. Sooo, it looks like the Arai will have a long and luxurious life in my own Motorcycle Gear Room, okay, motorcycle closet shelf.


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