Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hell Mutts Helmets!

It is quite possible that I have found the Motherload of Crazy A$$ Helmets!

I give you Hell Mutts Helmets!

mmmm...I iz in luv.

Now people are talking issues. They say that the liners would make you sweat. They say that these helmets belong on a shelf, not on your head.

So I emailed the company and asked them - I know vintage helmets are not DOT approved. But if they did this to a new helmet, (DOT approved) would the process compromise the safety quality of the helmet.

We will see if I get an answer. Because I would LOVE to have one of these liners in my NEW Arai helmet that is currently in at the painters!

Okay here is a respose from Billy of Hell Mutts Helmets:

Hi Martha,

Thanks for the compliments and for linking our site! The person with the sweat comment is 100% wrong! We have sold and relined literally 100's of helmets and have only satisfied customers. I personally use my helmets all year round. The crushed panne fabric we use breathes very well and in fact is similar to what some helmet manufacturers use.

Legally, vintage helmets are not considered to be dot approved and all helmets should be replaced after 5 years according to the dot. We do not alter the safety features of a helmet when we reline them. However, again for legal reasons we consider any helmet that has been altered in any way (including custom paint) is not considered dot legal. We have made custom liners for new dot approved helmets. Our customers are either looking for something completely custom, or are into vintage motorcycles and helmets. Some people just don't "get" what we do, and that is ok with us. :)


Okay - so I am sold and I will be sending them my new, repainted Arai helmet for re-lining! I will keep you guys updated with photos and information. What else can a gal get into when scooter season is over in Chicago....let me see...hmmmmm


  1. Hi, and thanks for the compliments! I emailed you with a reply, but figured I should comment here as well. :) we have literally 100s of satisfied customes, and sweatty heads is not an issue. I personally use my helmets all year round, even in the height of summer. We can reline a helmet with any fabric, and have done everything from crushed velvet, moisture wicking material, faux snake skin, and we even do lambskin leather (amazingly plush and comfortable!)

    although our process does not compromise the safety features of the helmet, manufacturers consider any alterations to a helmet to render the helmet non-dot legal. We do have experience making custom liners for new dot legal helmets and would love to make one for you as well!


  2. Thanks for the comment Billy,
    I love the look of your products and I will be sending you a helmet soon!