Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's getting to be about that Time.... : (


My commute is NOW about 60 miles round trip with all my detours to avoid the construction now, (THANKS PREZ OBAMA! I hope all this CRAP will be WORTH IT!) I have to leave at 7:00am and it is CHILLY, damp and sometimes quite foggy.

Even though I put on multiple layers of clothes, I still get chilled. Now I have added nylons or heavy tights under my jeans, knee socks and high leather boots. At least my GoGo Gear Jacket is holding up well. Those wind cuffs are worth their weight in gold!

But there comes a time where no matter how many layers you put on, you just have to give up put the scooter in the garage. There are too many dangers out there, frost, leaves, suicidal squirrels, etc. Heated vests or jackets just cost too much and seem too bulky.

I have a few things to help tide me over until next riding season:

1. I have two helmets to custom paint.
2. A possible scooter riding trip out in Colorado in the spring! So we need to plan day trips or good routes for bikes in the Rockies.
3. We will need to get a trailer for THAT trip, and that is its own project.
4. Working on Saving and Setting up my scooter riding trip through Italy.
5. My scooter's 6000 mile service at Motorworks in Chicago.
6. And let's not forget the International Motorcycle show in the frozen heart of February.

I hope I can stay out of trouble! Mean while, let's hope we have a few more warm weekends here in Chicago-land to alleviate my crankiness!

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