Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gonna Rock on Thru to Electric Avenue...

Like ridin' a neon encrusted brick!

Who really needs a Tron Electric Motorcycle? Well I guess someone does, because Evolve Motorcycles is adding this neon brick with all the charm of a Nerelco shaver to it's line.

I don't know... it's kinda close...

At the Milan International Auto Show, Evolve reveled its new Tron Bike causing a buzz...

Apparently, this is a real bike and it can be ridden and it can be purchased for a hefty fee.
"The bike features 32-inch hubless wheels supporting a handcrafted fiberglass frame(that’s OLED tape providing the cool lighting effects) based on the gasoline model of the Tron bike manufactured by Parker Brothers Choppers last year (which, incidentally, also recently went electric). 

The Xenon features a 40,000 watt motor powered by a lithium ion battery, which propels the bike at 100 MPH over a 100 mile range."

I have seen videos of someone riding this thing around a parking lot and the body position ...
is a bit ... Awkward. 

In fact, it gets my, "Awkward Wesley Crusher Award of Awkwardness"!

I mean.. it is cool but...it looks like a pelvis cracker.

It gets 2 mehs.. on the meh scale.


  1. I think it is the ugliest thing I ave ever seen. It does look like an electric shaver.

  2. it indeed is the ugliest thing!!