Thursday, November 24, 2011

The only way I will probably get a BMW scooter

It's funny, because it's true

Well, winter is slowly sneaking up on us here in Chicagoland and it is almost time for me to put the Blue Dragon up for the season. 

Sadly, the only thing I have to look forward too in the winter here, Is the big Motorcycle Swap meet in Tinley Park, and the Progressive International Motorcycle shows in February.

Of course both these shows take place in the same week and it is a long, cold and BORING wait until these shows appear in the most DREARY-EST 
time of the year.

But I LOVE these shows! The Motorcycle Swap Meet is a total leather-clad biker show with plenty of good deals, if you are looking for traditional biker gear and accessories. Lot's of Leath-tha!

The Progressive show is a great show too. With plenty of variety and lots of bikes, gear and accessories for sale. 

FYI - it pays to wear a backpack and a real comfortable pair of shoes when you attend these shows. Lots of walking, looking and swag so make sure you are unencumbered by heavy jackets or boots.

Here are some old photos from a few past shows while I wait...2...more ...months...sigh!

shiny shiny and PURPLE TOO! (shiver).

This was a cool little scooter at the Allstate booth.

Dang, if I ain't the LEAST photogenic gal out there! 
Okay, I will work on my "fierceness". 

Every motorcycle needs a little fairy.

Now why would you want to ride a Dragon Slayer bike when you can just ride the dragon?

You always gotta ride with your wee voodoo baby zombie doll.

How about a sweet little Milo scooter? Nice use of the brown.

V3 Automatic Motorcycle... only a 250cc, so barely worth it.  It was a bit uncomfortable for me.. but I might have popped for it, if it felt as sweet as a scooter.

For you, I make the Duck Face...mmm sexy...


  1. Do not mock the DUCK FACE! Cool photo's but I think you will start to see more and more automatic cycles.

  2. Are you still thinking of a larger scoot? I love the Dragon - she is a pretty sweet ride. Great pictures of the motorcycle show. I particularly fell in love with the Tinkerbell bike - OMG it would have so been mine. There aren't any local shows here. There is one in Seattle in December, but its such a hassle to get off the Island to go there. There is one in the spring in Vancouver which I might go to. I am hoping that I will be able to ride most of the winter. *hoping* My motorcycle comes off the road on December 9th, so I will be riding my little vino until spring. Hope your winter isn't too dreary and spring comes fast.