Sunday, November 6, 2011

Looking Good, being Safe

Toscano Urbano Modulo Airbag AB 8000

I found this while I was online, searching for a new riding jacket for myself for my B-day. My BF had tried to order me a Gogo Gear Hologram jacket (which we both LOVE) only to find it was out of stock and won't be available until spring! 

My BF was dissappointed and wanted this to be a big 50th B-day surprise for me... so he releuctantly informed me that I would have to make another selection.

Upon finding I gave him a few jacket selection for fall and winter. He ended up ordering the Toscano Urbano Lady Inuit which looks AWESOME and I am pretty excited to get it. It has elbow and shoulder armor, and is not as snazzy as the Gogo gear, (which I know is a good quality product since I own a Gogo Gear Military Trench jacket and I recommend it HIGHLY) but we shall see... how the Toscano Urbano line fares under my diligent examination.

But during my search I found this: the Toscan Urban Modulo Airbag AB 8000

Like everyone else, I wonder, does something like this actually work? Does it actually offer some protection? Should I purchase one of these instead of a new armored jacket?

Others have also wondered the same thing:

At, I found a very nice blog that could cover this subject much better than I ever could. Check it out, and make sure you scroll down watch the video and read some of the comments. Sounds like these jackets and vests may become a good accessory for 2-wheel riders. 


  1. Happy birthday Bel!! Please post pics with the new jacket :-)

  2. This is pretty cool, I've never heard of it before. Thanks for sharing.