Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dreams come true kids!

See, dreams can come true...with a lot of crying and whining.

I had previously posted of my lust for a certain bit of scooter gear, specifically the GOGO Gear Hologram jacket. But I never seemed to have the cash... 

So I subtly requested it in a variety of ways

and email content like the following:

I give this GOGO gear Hologram jacket  - 3 mehs out of 3!

and this...

All of this hysteria led to my BF finally breaking down and ordering one for my 50th birthday!!! 

Only to find the it was out of stock!


But my sister, Lizzie could not take no of an answer. She told my BF that this was UNACCEPTABLE and that he needed to contact GOGO gear directly. 

In a tag team of terror, my BF and sister joined forces and NAGGED GOGO gear president and owner Arlene, into personally digging up the elusive LAST size 8 Hologram Jacket! And it was delivered yesterday, with a personal note from Arlene!

All of which proves that crying and whining DOES WORK!!!

Yay for meh!


  1. Bel

    I love the hologram jacket, it looks really great on you! When I was looking for a jacket I showed that one to my hub and he said he even liked it, it had 'style'. Just about every jacket I have tried on thus far makes me look boxy and huge. So now they are sold out of the hologram and I am hoping they make more, but I have found a TourMaster women's Transition jacket and love it. Nice and warm, breathable and waterproof. Yeah baby - I am happy. Let me know how the jacket holds up at cooler temps. Enjoy your beautiful jacket. I liked the other one you got as well. Happy Birthday!

  2. Dar, I gotta say the Hologram is lighter than the Tuscano Lady Inuit. The Hologram is more stylish, and has back armor, but the Lady Inuit is much snugger and warmer. That would be my choice for late fall early spring and wearing the Hologram for more warmer weather. I gotta say, wish the Lady Inuit had the wind cuffs that are in the Hologram tho. Those are a great feature, but the Inuit is far more the "Winter" jacket .