Sunday, August 1, 2010

Painting Your TOP CASE - Scooter Craft Project

Okay - So I wanted a top case to match my Blue Dragon BV500 custom painted scooter. Having drained my wallet on the paint job, I couldn't get the top case painted by Mark Daniels of So my BF went online and got me a Piaggio Top Case on Ebay for about $100.00

The only problem is the top case was red and my scooter is blue...

Thus began the project. For everyone out there who are not afraid of a little elbow grease, this is worth it.

1. Purchase wet sand paper in various grit from Pep Boys. I got 1000 and 2000. So I was being careful. Sand down original paint and scratches.

2. Mask with paint tape and newspaper and begin to prime with plastic primer. You will also keep lightly sanding during this process to keep the finish as smooth as possible.

3. Purchase expensive Piaggio Midnight Blue paint from ebay for $18.95 + 9.95 shipping per tiny tiny can. Use up an entire can and not cover crap.

4. Get pissed and go back to Pep Boys and buy a can of SUV midnight blue detail paint for $6.95. Cover entire top case with 2 - 3 cans. Hey it matches!

5. Make a stencil using your computer or hand draw a design or trace tattoo art from a book or use a coloring book or a comic book. Anything can be traced.

6. Using a light table, trace stencil onto a sheet of vinyl with adhesive backing from Dick Blick or art supply store. If you do not have a light table, tape your stencil and vinyl to a window in your house and trace design onto vinyl that way. Using an exacto knife, cut out stencil.

7. CAREFULLY position your vinyl stencil into place. Be prepared to pull this vinyl up and down and reposition. You can also break the stencil into pieces and stick them down that way. Just cover up the splits with blue painters tape.

8. Okay, mask with tape and newspaper. Try to make sure your stencils edges are down and flat! It will bubble a bit but you just want the stencil edges to hold.

9. Purchase at least 3 other paint colors to add depth to your design. I got a mid-range blue, a light blue and a silver.

10. Spray in design. Try to do this in your garage or away from dust or dog hair. GOOD LUCK! They say to use a water spray and wet down the air in the area where you are going to spray first, to drag the dust and debris out of the air before you spray.

11. Spray mid-range color first in streaks. I did up and down stripes. Then the lighter blue, then the silver. I also went back through with the midnight blue to as a bit of roughness and to fade the design back into the blue, so it wasn't so "out there".

12. Remove vinyl and begin to cuss about how bad you placed the graphics. SO REMEMBER, Be super careful in your placement! Make sure you have a good margin around your design and your image is as centered as possible.

13. Okay, say, "Ffffforget it" and start spraying your clear coat. Be prepared to use at least 3 cans, stink up your house and garage and wait for 3-4 days. Also scream every time a piece of dust lands in your clear coat. Notice how the color changes as you add the clear coat. Rationalize it is not that bad and continue.

14. Get long-suffering BF to install top case as you wonder if you need ever more clear coat and make him crazy.

15. Stand back, shrug and say, "Ehh," It's okay..."That'll do".

PS. Sorry I don't have a good range of photos. My camera kept failing and acting weird through out the dang project! Enjoy my insanity!

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