Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's Here, It's Gear, Get Used to IT!

ATGATT: All the gear, all the time. Helmet, Armored Jacket, Armored Pants, Boots and Gloves.


Okay - if you want to ride, you must wear MOST of this gear. I can't make you use common sense all the time, it hurts too much. So this is what I recommend.


1. Full Face Helmet: A full face helmet covers your entire face and makes you look like a Power Ranger. Must be DOT or SNELL approved. Number 1 Choice.

2. 3/4 Helmet: No chin guard and you look like the Great Gazoo. No chin guard = maxillofacial surgery.

3. Half shell / Dome / Skull Cap / Beanie: What are you kidding me NOOB! Go ahead, scrape your face off on the pavement, you will look sooooo cool while doing it! Not to mention the wind, bugs and odd rock or pebble slamming into your face going at 55 mph! It's like a bullet!

Armored Jackets - rated by using Illinois weather as a standard.

I have 4 jackets so far. Different jackets for different weather. Here are my personal choices:

GoGo Gear Trench Coat: This is the military/dominatrix coat I am wearing in the photo. I love this coat. Designed by women for women, this coat has the armor and the extra features that make it a must for riding. - see extensive review.

When to wear - Early Spring, Fall.
Fit - Excellent
Form - Flexible
Style - Military/fashionable
Function - Great! Well armored, elastic inner wind cuff, double breasted with reflective lining.

Harley Davidson Ladies Cream Jacket: HD has been making quality riding gear for years. And you cannot argue with that.

When to wear - Spring, Summer, Fall.
Fit - Excellent
Form - Flexible
Style - biker / cheesy
Function - Good Well armored, light, flexible.

When to wear - Spring, Fall.
Fit - Not the best
Form - stiff
Style - power ranger / cheesy
Function - Okay, well lined, not too flexible.

When to wear - Spring, Fall.
Fit - Not the best
Form - stiff
Style - pure scooterist / cheesy
Function - okay, well lined, not too flexible.

Must be over the ankle. Cannot say enough about that. When bikes get dropped ankles get broken. Protect them!

Pink Sketcher Hiking Boots: These are sooooo old. I have had them for over 10 years and the wear is still hardly noticeable, well on the soles at least. Very sturdy good solid soles so that when your flat foot it, you feel very stable.

Harley Davidson Boots: I have two pairs, ankle high, and knee high. Both good sturdy boots.


Must be armored. Leather is okay, armored is better.

Armored Pants:

The analysis of the NTDB-NSP showed that lower-extremity injuries were the most common injuries sustained in motorcycle crashes, followed by upper-extremity and head injuries. Lower-extremity injuries are more frequent in motorcycle crashes; however, head, chest and abdominal injuries tend to be more severe. Motorcyclists involved in crashes sustain more leg injuries with bone fractures being the most common type of injuries when compared to soft tissue injuries. Overall, an estimated 81 percent of motorcyclists with isolated lower-extremity injuries were discharged home after acute hospital care.


Draggin' Jeans have been recommended, but I have no opinions on armored pants.

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