Friday, August 6, 2010

Take a Little Trip, Take a Little Trip...

You will find that taking the back roads makes for a more enjoyable ride.

We took a small day trip to Starved Rock Illinois. Taking the back roads is possibly the best way to ride. You will find that these side roads can be just as fast as the highways, with very little traffic and far more scenic. Make sure to gas-up at every available stop, because gas stations can be few and far between and scooters have small tanks.

First rule: TAKE IT EASY and SLOW DOWN! The best part of the trip is the journey. Plenty of stops, taking photos and stretching your legs is REQUIRED. Why are you in such a rush NOOB! Enjoy the ride!

Does my scooter have a fat a$$?

Second rule: Take lots of photos. Every scooterist knows that a trip, well documented with plenty of photos of your scooter set against scenic backdrops is required for posting and internet bragging. In fact go crazy and stop at every single stupid roadside attraction because that is what a vacation is about!

Bonus shot: Heaping plates of greasy foods provided by local dives is a big plus. Scooterists love a good heavy meal before and after a long day of riding. Obviously I have none of these shots because I eat like a wee baby bird, dining only on sticks and an occasional twig.

Do I look 48? Riding a scooter keeps you young and fit... It's TRUE!

Third rule: Packing for the trip. You will be amazed at how much crap your scooter can hold. Pack your top case with the items you will need to have quick access too on your ride. A liter of water or juice along with some plastic cups, food and rain gear is good.

Bungees are AWESOME: Bungees and scooters go together like Zombies and the Apocalypse. Bungee your backpack to your seat and keep the rest of your clothes in there inside a plastic bag in case of rain.

Clothes to pack: Shorts, Jeans, T-shirts, sweat shirts, SWIM SUITS are a must, because anytime you can stop and swim it is recommended. Nothing washes the rigor of the road off a scooterist like an extra hot, over chlorinated jacuzzi.

A swim suit top like a tank top, is also excellent for keeping cool. Keep a wet bathing suit top on under your armored jacket. The wind and the evaporation will keep you cool and refreshed when it is super hot.

A must for the ladies: Your own shampoo and conditioner. Hotels and Motels rarely have decent quality toiletries. In fact they SUCK. So pack your own if you don't want to look like a total RAT BAG.

A must for the guys: NOTHING! MEN DON'T NEED CRAP. HALF THE TIME THEY DON'T EVEN BRING THEIR TOOTH BRUSH AND THEN THEY WANT TO USE YOURS! So make sure your man has a small bag with underwear, socks, and a TOOTH BRUSH.

Park in the shade if you don't want to burn your a$$.

Okay - the whole thing is for your to enjoy yourself. Stop and see EVERYTHING you can. Please take your time and don't be in a rush. You have 8 hours a day to get from A to B. If you are riding with a SPEED DEMON who thinks everything is a big RUSH, just do what I do, and pull over and do your own thing. They will miss you soon enough and turn around to find you.

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