Sunday, August 8, 2010

Segway Centaur - New Concept

I am not too sure what market the folks are Segway are aiming at; high-tech hillbillies, rich Nascar tailgaters?

Suffice to say, the first segway concept, DID NOT revolutionize the transportation world like they had hoped.

This one looks like one funky ATV, but with some extreme capabilities. I am not sure how useful it is, it sure looks like fun but it is seriously lacking storage. ( THAT's A JOKE!)

Honestly, it has wayyyy more screwing around capabilities a skateboard or bike. I can just see gangs of these things, careening though parking lots, being chased by security guards on Segways. PERFECT! This is what these people had planned all ALONG! It's a conspiracy!

But I am never against new technology when the potential has not been investigated, so we will wait and see where this concept takes Segway.

But I need a scooter to take me to the mall, not inside and up the escalator.

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