Sunday, September 26, 2010

Breakin' the Law! Breakin' the Law!

Ahhh... the stupidity is great within this one:

There was a post on a popular scooter forum recently where one individual basically related how he did not put license plates on his scooter because he felt that his vehicle was far more gas efficient and also helped reduced his carbon foot print. So the rules should not apply to him.

The thing about scooters is they ride on the streets, roads, and highways so they are vehicles. We want the same respect and rights as other vehicles, yet we want to be treated like bicycles and park on sidewalks. Well, some of us want to park on the sidewalks. Some of us are not disabled or lazy, so we don't mind the walk.

Scooters do not have the heritage here that they do overseas. To see an America filled with scooter riders may be possible some day, but not without huge economic and social changes.

There are ways to change public opinion. This is not the way.

If scooters make it in the United States, it will be because public opinion is changed via marketing and economics. Either people will be forced economically to begin to utilize two-wheel vehicles for cost savings. Or they will be purchased as an affordable second vehicle.

Beyond that, I really don't see America embracing scooter culture the way it is overseas. And not putting a license on your scooter, supposedly as a sign of protest is just plain ridiculous.

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