Thursday, September 16, 2010

Riding with Music

Oh lame-o sport belt, how I love thee and thy cunning zippered mesh pockets to hold all of my sweet MP3 tunes, small change and Mentos.

To ride with music is yet another bone of contention among riders and non-riders. Some say it is fine, other say it is too much of a distraction and is unsafe.

I have landed on the side of the fence of those who are not a-feared of getting run down by a truck because I am listening to Afrika Bambaataa. In my world, the truck is going to hit me whether I am jammin' to Planet Rock or not.

When I didn't have the music, I found myself singing some nonsense song repeatedly during my 27 mile commute. After a whole week of yelling "The Bed Intruder Song" inside of my helmet. I decided I had to do something.

I use my old Ipod, a new set of pink ear buds,(the kind that fit inside your ear) and a snazzy IPod exercise belt that looks super lame.

This has proven to be AWESOME! The ear buds totally fit comfortably in my ears and inside the helmet. They sound great. The lame exercise belt holds the ipod securely against my belly.

The only downside is trying not to bust a move everytime I stop, and I am constantly tapping my foot or nodding my head. This only reinforces the attitude that scooter riders are insane.

Maybe because it is a brand new thing for me, but it just makes the ride that much better. Especially if you are stuck in traffic.

And yes, fast songs are a must when riding on the highway. But maybe it is a good thing that I have slower songs to keep me more mellow and focused. The music can push you to new heights as you ride, and it is important to enjoy the music, but not let it wash your focus away.

I would not recommend this to a Noob. I would say that after you have ridden for a couple years, give it a try. Preferably on a weekend ride. You can't just jump into rush hour traffic with Primus cranked up to eleven and expect to keep your mind on the road.

For those who claim that I am going to be distracted, I really don't think so. And if I get clocked, at least I will go out on a high. Or would you rather come and visit me in the hospital as I keep singing, "High your kids, hide your wife!" while in a coma? It's your choice!

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