Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gogo Gear Military Trench Jacket Review

Behold! The Crabby Nazi!

Went down to Ace Motorcycle and Scooter in Chicago this last spring and checked out the jackets. Here is my review.

First: Ace Motorcycle and Scooter is a small garage-like store. More garage than anything. Filled with motorcycles and a few scooters. So do not expect a fancy shop. Bee, the owner is a sweetie and a smart cookie. They are supposed to be featured on the Discovery Channel at some point in the future so keep an eye out for that.

They had a single rack of jackets, The Black Trench, The Grey Trench and I think the Military. They were in a variety of sizes, from 6-22 but not all sizes were available. The Hologram jackets are supposed to be there in about 4 weeks, so I will let you know about those later.

The sizes do run small and I typically take a 6 but I ended up purchasing a size 8 Black Trench. $250.00.

The sleeves have a elastic wind cuff. I love this feature as it keeps the wind from blowing up your sleeve. Very EFFECTIVE!

The jacket is very well made. The stitching is very solid and the material is very nice and soft to the touch. However I worry about durability, since it is much softer to the touch than my Joe Rocket or Corazzo. It does pick up more dog hair than my other jackets. For me in this area of the country, It will make a great spring and fall jacket.

The fit is for me is excellent. Very comfortable.

The Length is AWESOME! and I love it! It is at least a full 6 inches longer than my Joe Rocket, Corazzo and Harley Davidson jackets.

The armor is in the standard areas, elbows, shoulder and very large back piece. it is also removable. This armor is much lighter, more flexible and less noticeable than my Joe Rocket or Corrazo jacket. It has a heavy foam type feel and I think this would probably distribute the impact better than some of the stiffer unyielding plastic armor in my other jackets. It also seemed thicker to me, but I might be wrong.

As you can see in the photos, the silver lining is very reflective and the belt is reversible as well, so this will add to you visibility.

The style is pure vintage. My BF loved the look as said, "I can see you keeping a Luger in one of the pockets". I said, "Being that I am a lady, I will be keeping lipstick in there instead."

So I bought one. I am defiantly thinking of getting a Hologram jacket as well. Depending on how it wears when I ride. So far the jacket has been a great early spring and fall riding jacket. Super warm and toasty. The wind cuffs are an awesome feature. Can't say enough about how I love this jacket.

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