Thursday, September 30, 2010


Freedom comes in all shapes and colors, especially if it is a SCOOTER!

As I was riding to work today day, I had to stop at a grade school cross walk.

Stepping into the street, were three muslim women in Burkas. The first woman was pushing a stoller with a little child while two others followed behind in sucession, their robes blowing in the morning breeze.

As they walked in front of me, the last one in line, the one entirely in black, turned her head and regarded me steadily until they had reached the other side. She then looked forward and went on.

What did they think of me in my scooter garb? With my pink dragon helmet, gogo gear jacket, all while riding a blue-flamed scooter?

Did she find me offensive? Was a woman on a scooter a normal sight for her? This had to be nothing compared to the other things she had seen in America. (For all I know, they could have been American-born muslims). Was she disapproving? Was she wishing she was me?

Or was she just worried I was going to hit the gas, and super-cracker smack into them?

Probably the latter.

I just hope they enjoyed their morning walk as much as I enjoyed my ride.

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